Frustrated Dems Plot To Remove Trump
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D. Spencer Hines
2017-07-01 00:00:02 UTC
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...And the poguette who calls herself "Erilar" appears to be one who wants
to see them succeed.

How Sweet It Is!



Friday, Jun 30th 2017 2PM

Two dozen Democrats get behind bill to lay foundation for removing Trump for
being mentally 'incapacitated' (but they'd need Mike Pence to agree).

25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows Congress to set up a medical
commission that could determine if a president is fit for office.

The president's cabinet is also allowed to serve that purpose, but Congress
has never established its own group to participate.

Either panel would require the vice president to agree before Congress could
vote to remove the president.

A Maryland Democratic congressman is trying to set up a commission to target
President Trump, tweeting: 'Trump's mental incapacity is no laughing matter'
Plan has only attracted Democratic cosponsors so far.

Senate that passed 25th Amendment agreed 'inability' meant a 'mental
debility' rendering a president 'unable or unwilling to make any rational
2017-07-01 06:50:39 UTC
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Should Dems fail, Dems should try and try.

If scandals can't unseat him, all is still good ammo for 2020.

Dems mustn't forget Trump is a strong persuader and more so as incumbent.

-- He has not played his war card yet.

Let us see if talking to Putin next week, Trump displays the same air of
"feeling at home with family," he showed in the Oval Office talking candidly to
Putin's men... about how much pressure Comey's firing had taken off him...
Sure... Fool.

Putin will have to reassure him he is a real president, because at home
headlines hurt so good but are mean. Putin will give him a few good headlines,

As said of Patton, "Give George a headline and he's good for another
forty miles." Only that Patton was a real man with no time for covfefe.
2017-07-01 07:05:32 UTC
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Post by D. Spencer Hines
...And the poguette who calls herself "Erilar" appears to be one who wants
to see them succeed.
Trump is not crazy, he simply a depraved iconoclast wanna-be. And he is
unfit for the job. Not a good fit at all. More brawn than brain.

We deserve better given the cost and risks.

Mr. Hines has now the distinction to have been an unapologetic apologist, fan
and supporter of the two worse presidents of the century. W. and Trump.

W's fiasco is now clear and we know how things turned out. Mr. Hines
was a Neocon then, and deep deep inside he still believes we did find the blasted and freaking Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

With Trump, it's early days, but if I was W. I'd be worried about who will
win the honor of putting the country on the worse highway to hell.
Robert Mulain
2017-07-01 08:45:37 UTC
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Aren't there enough 'rep's' already? Talk about embarrassing...